Miss February - KatkaK

Meet KatkaK, our 3DX player of the month!

by Jamie Sweet

Every part of the world is known for its own unique type of women: Hot-blooded Brazilians, demure Japanese, sweet Hawaiians, fiery Irish, protective Israelis, erudite French. But, of all the globe’s flavors of femininity, East European women have a special mystique—a unique combination of honesty, charm, poise, and playfulness that men desire and
other women envy.

And when it comes to East European women, Katka is an excellent representative.

Katka isn’t into playing mind games. She’s upfront about what she wants, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She has her own, independent mindset. Yet, for all her directness, she’s wonderfully sweet and kinky, a perfect playmate who’s not afraid to squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of her love life and revel in her sexuality.

She has the manners of a lady, but knows how to handle her lovers. She can be intensely erotic, yet is always up for sophisticated conversation. Hers is a sharp, sincere, and passionate intellect, reflected in her delightfully sensual avatar.

Katka has been described as a diamond in the rough, and, in many ways, this is a perfect description of her. 

She isn’t as polished as to be intimidating or snobbish. She doesn’t sparkle so brightly as to demand attention. But, anyone who chooses to look closely will find a gem both rare and multifaceted—a woman with a deep desire to both please and to be pleasured. And, if you ever have the opportunity, definitely a special person who’s well worth getting to know.

Perhaps what’s most interesting about Katka is her creativity and flexibility, and as a White Breeze escort she’s demonstrated the ability to express radically different aspects of her sexuality in a way most women simply can’t. She can be anything from a sleek, cool dominatrix to a warm and whimsical romantic, all depending on what part of herself she opts to unleash, so two encounters with her can be radically different, yet still entirely genuine. No wonder she’s in such high demand on 3DX.

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