Truth or Dare

Questions and dares for the most commonly played game on 3DX.

by JamieSweet

Almost every night on 3DX, someone is running a Truth or Dare game, and, without a doubt, they can be fun. That said, provocative questions and outrageous dares aren’t always easy to come up with in the moment, which is why I’ve compiled a list of 50 questions and 50 dares for you to draw from. Enjoy!

50 Truths

1. Would you be willing to switch the gender of your avatar in exchange for free 3DX membership?

2. What was your most embarrassing moment on 3DX?

3. Which avatar in the room do you find the sexiest, and why?

4. If you were going to make money illegally on 3DX, how would you make it?

5. If you knew you could never play 3DX again after tonight, what would you do before you logged off?

6. Which player in the room would you most like to see naked for the rest of the game?

7. What’s the best way for someone to seduce you?

8. Which people in this room have you had sex with?

9. Which person in this room do you think has the most sex?

10. Have you ever cheated on someone here in 3DX?

11. If you had to have a “furry” avatar on 3DX, what kind of animal would it look like?

12. If you had to swap avatars with someone in this room for one week, who would you swap with?

13. Who do you think is the worst dressed person in this room?

14. If you had to have an avatar of a Disney character, which one would you pick?

15. Thinking back to the hottest porn movie you ever watched, what was it that made it so arousing?

16. How close are you in appearance to your avatar?

17. If you were going to be stranded on a virtual desert island for a month, which person in this room would you most want to be stranded with?

18. Which animal best personifies you when it comes to sex?

19. If you had to pair up two people in this room that aren’t presently in a relationship, which two people would you pick? 

20. Would you date someone on 3DX who was much older than you in real life?

21. If you had to start a rumor about someone in this room, what would the rumor be?

22. How many sex partners do you think you could manage to have on 3DX in 24 hours?

23. Have you ever been part of a gangbang on 3DX?

24. When having sex, where do you most like to cum / have your partner cum?

25. If you had to choose between only oral sex or only penetrative sex for the rest of your time on 3DX, which would you choose?

26. Which cybersex do you think would be hotter for you: sex with someone you love, or sex with a complete stranger?

27. Have you ever taken someone’s 3DX virginity (been their very first sex partner in the game)?

28. If you could have a sexual superpower, what would it be?

29. What’s the shortest amount of time that’s passed between you having sex with two different people on 3DX?

30. Who in this room has the best-looking bum?

31. What’s your best sex move here in 3DX?

32. What’s the weirdest sexual request you’ve ever received here on 3DX?

33. What’s the longest sex session you ever had on 3DX?

34. If you were to have a threesome with two other people in this room, which two people would you pick?

35. If you were to make a porn movie, what would it be about and what would you call it?

36. If everyone in this room were to have an orgy, who would you like to pair up with first?

37. Have you ever had sex with someone on 3DX simply because you felt sorry for them / wanted to cheer them up?

38. Have you ever had sex with a person on 3DX and immediately regretted it?

39. Have you ever had sex with someone on 3DX within 15 minutes of meeting them?

40. Would you be willing to try being a virtual escort on 3DX?

41. Which person in this room do you think is into the weirdest, most extreme kinks?

42. Where is your favorite place to have sex in 3DX?

43. Have you ever had sex here on 3DX with someone you previously broke up with (ex sex)?

44. Which ethnicity of avatar do you find the sexiest?

45. Are you into sex with futanari on 3DX?

46. If you had to be the sex slave of someone in this room, who would you pick?

47. If you had to choose between having exclusively slow and romantic sex, or hot and rough sex, for the rest of your time on 3DX, which would you choose?

48. Would you rather sexually dominate someone, or be sexually dominated?

49. What kind of sex on 3DX is your favorite: oral, vaginal or anal?

50. If 3DX allowed avatars to have piercings, what would be the first piercing you’d get?

50 Dares

1. Go on world chat and ask if anyone is into “naughty tentacle” roleplay.

2. Remove any three articles of clothing and play the rest of the game without them.

3. Send a PM to a random person in your friends list saying “Okay, but next time it’s my turn to dress up as sexy Godzilla.” Then, after a moment, send them another message saying, “Sorry, wrong text box.”

4. Add “Love yodeling in the nude.” to your profile and leave it like that for the rest of the game.

5. For the next two minutes, do your very best to convince the person on your right to marry you.

6. Take a picture of your avatar masturbating and set it as your profile picture for the rest of the game.

7. Open a public room called “Sex with Sea Creatures”, and leave it open for the rest of the game.

8. Offer someone in this room oral sex. If they accept, perform it.

9. Get naked, then do dance 13 for the next three minutes.

10. Send the person on your left a link to a porn video you like.

11. For the rest of the game, end every sentence you type with the word “penis”.

12. Go to the most populated room in 3DX and post in local chat “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!” in all caps.

13. Send a private message to someone in this room inviting them to have sex with you after this game ends. If they accept, go through with it.

14. Send me the dirtiest private message you can.

15. Pick someone in this room and invite them to spank you. If they accept, let them do it.

16. Get naked and for two minutes explain the “features” of your avatar to everyone, selling them on why they should want to have sex with you.

17. Pick someone in the room to send you a link to a picture. Whatever picture they send you, post it as your profile picture til the game is over.

18. Pick someone in the room and send them a gift with the caption “I can’t believe you got me pregnant!”

19. Go on world chat and tell everyone that you’ll give oral sex to the first person to come to this room and type “oral sex”. Then follow through with your promise.

20. On your profile, add a sentence saying that you are now and forever my loyal sex slave. Leave it like that til the game is over.

21.Go on world chat and request that people message you pictures of their dicks “for your collection”.

22. Change into the sluttiest outfit you can come up with and then play the rest of the game dressed like that.

23. Offer a gift to everyone in this room in exchange for getting naked and staying that way for the rest of the game. If anyone take you up on the offer, pay them the gift.

24. Pick a number between 1 and 10, then ask everyone in this room to PM you a number. Sexually pleasure whoever is first to message you the number you
picked. If nobody sends you that number, you’re off the hook.

25. For the next one minute, accept any colds you receive no matter who they’re from or what their request.

26. Go put on the collar marked “slut” and wear it for the rest of the game.

27. Go to the most populated room in 3DX, get naked, and then run around the room for one minute like that.

28. Ask everyone in the room to send you a gift with the caption “Thanks for the crazy monkey sex”. Do not delete these gifts.

29. For the rest of the game, address all the men in the room as “Daddy”.

30. Post an advert on World Chat for a new club called “Anal Wonderland”.

31. Spend the next two minutes explaining to everyone why you’re now a “Toucan-Sexual”, a person only interested in sex with toucans.

32. For the next two minutes, try to convince someone in this room to orally pleasure me.

33. Send the first five people on your friend list a PM inviting them to your “coming out” party.

34. Go change your avatar’s skin color to blue, green or some other unnatural color, and keep it that way for the rest of the game.

35. Send a sexy gift to someone in this room with the dirtiest caption you can think of.

36. Pick some extremely taboo kink and explain in World Chat why everyone should try it.

37. For the rest of the game, go sit at the feet of one of the women in the room and address her as “Mistress”.

38. Describe in detail the last sexual encounter you had here on 3DX.

39. Pick someone in this room to describe an outfit they’d like you to wear, then go change into it for the rest of the game.

40. Have everyone in the room guess your favorite sex position. Have sex in that position for five minutes with the first to guess correctly.

41. Ask someone in the room what their favorite type of sex is, then describe how you would make it even better / wilder / kinkier.

42.Make up the name of a weird sex position, then describe what it is.

43. Write a sexy love note to someone in this room using only numbers and the top row of letters on your keyboard (Q to P).

44. Send a PM to the person in this room you’d most like to have sex with, describing exactly what you’d like to do with them.

45. Tell us which three people in this room you think are the cutest, the sexiest, and the coolest.

46. Pick a public room from the location list and then make up an outlandish description of what’s going on there in World Chat—the weirder and wilder the

47. Go to the most populated room in 3DX and remain there for one minute. If anyone colds you, you must accept and have sex with them for at least three

48. Tell us about a type of sex you’re not into, and why it turns you off.

49. Tell me who in this room you think would be the best sex partner for me, and why.

50. Till you’re next asked to pick a truth or dare, spend your time sexually pleasuring the other players.

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