Escort of the Month: Nesy

Meet Nesy, our escort of the month february!

by Jamie Sweet

being a virtual escort is like any other role you can take on in 3DX, or in real life for that matter. You can “phone it in” and cut corners, putting in the minimum effort to get by, or you can take what you’re doing seriously, striving to not just improve, but to become the very best you can be at what you do.

And, while this world is full of people who never aspire to more than mediocrity, there are always a few who do their very best both at work and at play. One of those people is Nesy.

Coming to 3DX with only a tenuous grasp of English and rudimentary cybersex skills, she committed herself to helping make people’s fantasies come true. And, with practice and persistence, she became not just a good lover, but a great one—providing some of the best sexual experiences that can be had online.

How did you start working as an Escort?
It was hard in the beginning. When I started, I didn’t know how to communicate and connect well with clients. It was difficult for me. Very difficult. I knew I wasn’t good at my job, and I didn’t feel confident I was really pleasing the men I was with. But, then something happened.

I met a more experienced escort, Lisa, and she took me under her wing. I don’t know why. Maybe she saw  something in me; some potential that I couldn’t see in myself. But, her mentoring made all the difference.
Steadily, I became more confident. I really started to think about what made a good escort, and I’m not just talking about sex. I know it may sound strange to some, but sex is just a nice addition to the job. The main thing is to be truly interesting and intelligent, not facile.

Sounds like you take your role as an escort seriously.
I do. An escort is a kind of entertainer, and superficiality is boring. You need to make the experience alluring for both the client, and for yourself, as well. To not just communicate with them, but to really understand and empathize with their desires. To get swept up in them as you play along. And no, it’s neither a scam, nor am I a fake.

I’m always 100% honest with all my clients, and I always do my best. The way I see it, great service is mandatory. I demand payment in advance, so the client has every right to expect a perfect performance and includes a lot more than just sex. It’s a real sensual experience I’m delivering, and I strive to make all my clients’ wishes come true.

And why?
Because I get immense pleasure from seeing my client satisfied. For me, there’s not greater sexual
high. That’s my secret: I love my job. And I try to provide maximum pleasure, not only for the body but for the mind as well.

Tell me more about what it takes to be a good escort.
Whenever I’m about to start working, I first spend time on preparation. I don’t want to look the same every night, and my look for the evening depends on the places I’m going to go, and the clients I’m likely to

For example, I’m not going to a place like Dance Hall Brothel, Pattaya Street, or the Parking Lot Brothel in an elegant dress. In places like that I’m going to choose a slutty outfit, because that’s what’s going to fit, and what the clients there will like. 

Most of the time, I choose a look and an attitude that feels appropriate. When visiting a rock party, I’m looking and acting like a fangirl. If it’s a classy nightclub, I look the part of a debutante. It has to be a new outfit every time. It might be an outfit that I’ve chosen before but with some modifications. The same is true for make-up.

It’s that preparation that allows me to step into my role. To help me immerse myself in the fantasy. Gives me the confidence I need to show both my client, and myself, an amazing time. To put myself in a great mood that’s attractive and contagious. It’s what separates being an escort from being a hooker.

Sounds like there’s a clear difference between being an escort and other types of sex workers.
Absolutely. An escort is not a whore. Yes, we  charge gifts for sex, but we are free to refuse clients and we simply don’t sleep with anyone we don’t like. No pimp is forcing us to work with disgusting people. But on the other hand, if we have an agreement with a client, we’re doing everything possible to take them to heaven. We’re active, not passive.

You’re obviously very focused on your clients’ needs. Tell me more about the kind of people who
hire you.
Every client is different. Some want a quickie. Some just want to talk. Some want romance. Some want kink. But the best clients are the ones that choose to become regulars.

There’s nothing more flattering than someone booking time with you over and over again, and I have special rates for people like that. I get to know them better. They open up as we develop more of a bond as we strengthen our level of trust. And, ultimately, that means I can do more for them, making our time together even better. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Anything you’d like to tell our readers?
I just want to thank Lisa for inspiring me, my fellow White Breeze girls for supporting me, and all my clients for making my time on 3DX so amazing.

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