SwingSet - The Rules

At SwingSet we strive to create a fun, comfortable environment for all players. Unfortunately there have been recent complaints which we feel are very important to address. As such, listed below are four simple rules which, if everyone follows them, will make the orgy fun for everyone. Thank you to the vast majority of our 700+ members who have followed these rules perfectly since day one, and thank you to everyone for reading through these rules and making your best efforts to respect them. I wish you all a happy orgy!

– Jamie Sweet

Special Note: Please be aware that both photography and video recording takes place at every event, and that the resulting photos and videos may be posted to publicly accessible sites.

Rule #1 : No pressure, no stress

Play with those you’re comfortable with, when you’re ready. This means do not try to pressure anyone into playing with you. Ask politely if they are interested, and if they decline do not ask them for a reason, do not try to convince them to change their mind and do not ask them to play again during that event. Your fellow players are at the event to have fun and have zero obligation to have sex with you. When in doubt, the best and most simple approach is, “Hi there. Would you like to play?” If someone is harassing you, please immediately report the matter to JamieSweet via PM. Intentionally pressuring other guests will result in a month long ban on the first offense, and a lifetime ban on the second. 

Rule #2 : Be kind with your words

Be polite and show respect to everyone at the orgy at all times. If someone asks you if you’d like to play, and you don’t wish to, simply say, “no, thank you”. There is no reason to reject someone harshly. If someone is being a pest, please immediately report the matter to JamieSweet via PM so that she can deal with the issue. Likewise, if someone rejects you harshly, please let Jamie know about that too. Being intentionally rude to other guests will result in a month long ban on the first offense, and a lifetime ban on the second. 

Rule #3 : Be generous with your body

Its fine to come and just watch the orgy, and to be as picky as you wish with those you choose to play with. That said, when you do choose to play, put all your effort into making the experience a good one for your partner. If your partner is obviously not making any effort, such as leaving very long pauses between posts, or making posts which are extremely short, please let JamieSweet know via PM. Players which demonstrate that they do not have the ability to play considerately will be warned and may face a temporary or even permanent ban.


Rule #4 : Colds will NOT be tolerated

I’m sad to report that this has actually happened at our events. If you accidentally cold someone, please immediately PM them and apologize. If someone colds you, report it ASAP to JamieSweet via PM. Intentional colding is grounds for an immediate lifetime ban. DO NOT COLD ANYONE.