About SwingSet

It’s a club for players of 3dxChat with a passion for rich, descriptive group sex, and an interest in meeting others who share those interests. Swinging, swapping, gangbangs and orgies are what we’re all about!

Becoming a Member

There is a new way to become a member of SwingSet. This procedure should help White Breeze to work on your requests more effective.

Step 1:
Please add CharlotteLove (CharlotteLove#3849) at Discord.

Step 2:
Please answer the following questions in a discord message to CharlotteLove:

1) What’s your ingame name and when did you register to 3DXChat? Are you fluent in english?

2) Have you read the rules on the homepage? https://www.white-breeze.com/swingset-rule/

3) Why do you want to join SwingSet?

4) Are you descriptive in sex when you partner someone at 3DXChat?

5) Do you think your partners in 3DXChat enjoy having sex with you? Is it fun to have sex with you? What do you have to offer?

These questions also explain what SwingSet expects from your side. Thanks for taking time to answer these questions.

Send your answers to CharlotteLove and you will receive an answer when you can join SwingSet.

As a SwingSet member we expect from you that you add our badge to your profile gallery (see below).

Thank you in advance!

The Rules

At SwingSet we strive to create a fun, comfortable environment for all players. As such we only have four simple rules which, if everyone follows them, will make the orgy enjoyable for everyone. By accepting membership to SwingSet, you are agreeing to abide by all these rules on penalty of loss of said membership.

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SwingSet events open every  Sunday at 19:00 UTC (20:00 CET / 11:00 PST / 14:00 EST). All events last exactly four hours and are accessible to SwingSet members only. Please note that non-members will NOT be added to the guest list outside of regular SwingSet office hours.

Coming events

The Badge

Please support us by downloading this badge and add it to your profile gallery when you join! Clicking on it will take you to the image file. Right-Click and "Save as..." to get it on your computer.

SwingSet in a Nutshell - Update

After some changes in organization of SwingSet, we updated our “SwingSet in a Nutshell” video.

What is SwingSet?
Why be there?
How to become a member?

Most of your questions about SwingSet are answered in this HowTo-movie.

SwingSet Advertising Movies

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